if at first you don’t succeed…edit

The most common reaction when I present a piece of writing to a customer is “wow, how do you make that so clear?” As a business owner, you are best placed to understand your business, its nuances, your customer attitudes and the benefits of your product or service. But trying to convey all this in content which immediately grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it until they reach your call-to-action at the end is a whole different skill set.

Good editing will take your content to the next level. I can elevate the key points, explain the complexities and make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

My success comes from being an outsider looking in and also from pure experience. I’ve written for bicycle shops, luxury yacht charter companies, sugar craft experts, pilates teachers, cloud software startups and so many more.

The only similarity is that all of them wanted a little more from their content.